How Many Qualified Leads
Did You Self Generate Today?

5 Questions that every rep must ask themselves.

1️⃣ Do you have an easy way for
your network to share leads
and referrals
with you?

2️⃣ Do you have a way to simply
and easily capture leads and referrals?

3️⃣ Does your referral receive
from you before you connect?

4️⃣ Does your referral receive an
automated email of value
you before you connect?

5️⃣ Does your referral book
a time on your calendar

before you connect?

If you answered anything other
than “Yes” to any of these
questions, let’s chat.

Test the process of what
all the above👆looks like
and receive my FREE automated
email by completing the form below.

Then, pencil in a time on the
that’s convenient for you.

Let’s chat!

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