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Got a Digital Business Card? 

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Turn the traditional exchange of an old fashioned business card into a remarkable experience that differentiates you with your prospective customer. 

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5 Questions that every rep and/or business must ask themselves.

1️⃣ Do you have an easy way for
your network to connect with, save contact info and  share leads
and referrals
with you?

2️⃣ Do you have a way to simply
easily capture leads and referrals?

3️⃣ Does your
referral receive
from you before you connect?

4️⃣ Does your
referral receive an
automated email of value
you before you connect?

5️⃣ Does your referral
a time on your calendar

before you connect?

If you answered anything other
“Yes” to any of these
questions, let’s chat.

Test the process of what
all the above👆looks like
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Then, pencil in a
time on the
that’s convenient for you.

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